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from nbc news, this is "today" from kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. hey, everybody, welcome, welcome, it's winesday wednesday, it's november 21st. hoda knows, because she's got family here it is the second biggest travel day of the year. so, good luck, everybody, wherever you are going. >> i'm so excited. in the upstairs studio, about 20 feet from us is my family, my mom, my brother, his wife, hannah and ella, the new addition to the family is here. >> first christmas. >> first thanksgiving day parade tomorrow. everyone is waving like home movie. >> winter wonderland, phantasma mania. >> still waving. >> going to be with us maybe later for a toy segment. >> very nice. a fun time.
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>> yes. >> you love sharing this, beloved new york city. >> going to go to radio city, such fun for the kids, you guys have ever not gone, they give you 3-d glasses, see like 10,000 santas coming at you, the kids go crazy, probably try to go friday matinee. >> awesome, awesome. >> we had fun with anderson cooper, had fun the few days ago, like everyone is just hearing about our party. >> just aired yesterday. >> that's right. >> anderson cooper did something he has never, ever done on national television before. he had a couple of sips of the sauce, okay? and he is one lightweight. we have never seen anything like it except for when i was in high school. >> we thought he was kidding. no. >> anyway, this is how he did -- how it went down. >> so to speak. >> i'm so excited, hoda and kathie lee are here, having a lot of fun. i am drunk. it is sad but true. i'm like, during the break, i'm like eating chicken, like chicken. >> don't drink that much, do we? >> yes. >> okay.
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there's a new -- one of my favorite networks is tlc. >> favorite what? >> networks, tlc. >> tlc. >> tlc. oh, my god. >> yes. >> should never have agreed to this. i'm drunk and you're nasty! [ laughter ] first off -- >> a bit of a problem now. >> when we come back, we are going to see if it filled your crack. >> you had to see the whole show. >> to understand that stuff that gives you instant botox. >> he has a deep crease. >> from worrying. >> almost like a candle wax that you put in that crack and it smooths it out. that's what was happening. >> it was out of control. >> he's a blast. >> he is -- is he back yet from the gaza? >> he is still in gaza and actually twitter war with some folks out there who have been, you know, making some comments to him. i got to tell you, this guy is working around the clock. >> yes. >> he is in a very, very dangerous spot and i think he is doing terrific.
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>> why are people -- >> just people are people. people are people. all right. we know it's thanksgiving and a lot of thanksgiving myths that we would like to debunk for you. >> we' here to debunk them. >> a myth that says our in-laws are outlaws. >> from way >> thank you for the clarification. >> 70% of people enjoy spending time with their in-laws, the other 30% would rather do just about anything else. >> wonder if the other 30% just don't like anybody. >> yeah. >> the kind of people that are just never happy. >> that's good. good observation. >> people in this world, let's be honest, you can bend over backwards all day long, no matter what, not going to appreciate something. never enough. never enough people. then the person you just smile at them and they are grateful. >> yep. >> let's be that kind of person, people. >> the other myth is this -- >> not be this. >> people decorate their lawns, not just beautiful christmas lights and music, decide to put inflatables out front. here's one of them, an inflatable snow globe that says merry christmas.
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if you can inflate it your neighbors hate it, because there's a constant generator -- >> noise. >> -- blowing at all times. >> when it's not blowing it is a flat piece of ugly plastic laying on the grass. >> they call inflatables the worst holiday decorating offense. >> offense. >> offensive. >> gosh, hoda, you have been hanging out with you know who? >> anderson? >> yeah, a little bit. another myth. . this is an interesting question. to shower or not to shower your turkey. should you wash it, should you rinse it in the sink when you get it? >> i always have all these years. >> i thought it was fine. sometime his the bottom of the bag there is stuff. you want to rinse it away. apparently that is wrong. >> new information warns if you wash it in the sink, the spray can send bacteria up to three feet away. i don't believe it. it's never happened in my house. just be -- got to cook a turkey through that is going to cook a lot of bacteria. we don't want salmonella poisoning. >> sure. >> follow the directions. we have some help with that
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today. . we do. marty van ness from naperville, illinois, she is on the butterball turkey call in line. >> doing it like 29 years, 21 years. >> we adore her. >> love her. >> the lines have been open. people are calling all the time. always ask kind of similar questions. hey, marty. >> happy thanksgiving. >> well, happy thanksgiving, hoda and kathie lee. >> how are you, doll? >> nice to talk to you again. >> good to see you. >> i would imagine the most asked question is should i or shouldn't i cover the bird? everyone asks that question, i do tent it, put a cover over it, leave it? >> find out from her what the most common question is? >> the common question is how i do get the perfect golden roasted turkey. they want that picture-perfect bird every year. there are a lot of steps that go through that. and correct, washing the turkey is not necessary. cooking it properly will make it perfectly edible and keep it really great to eat. >> so it doesn't hurt to wash it, it just isn't accomplishing what you think it would.
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>> i always say, this is what we recommend. there are no turkey police that will come to your house. >> yes. >> not yet. >> your kitchen. yeah. i don't wash my turkeys anymore. i used to many, many years ago. we have learned that that could be a potential issue. so, why not just pat it dry and get it right in the oven? and start cooking it? >> we understand that people have questions and we decided to give you a little break, marty, we were going to take one of the questions. jackie's on the phone and she needs some help from the 1-800-butterball line. debbie is what i meant. not jackie. >> hey, debbie. >> hey, debbie. >> hi, debbie. this is the butterball turkey talk line. how are you? >> good, thank you. >> we are going to take this one, marty. go ahead. >> we need a rest. we are so swamped with calls. i'm appreciating this. >> what can we help you with, hon? >> i have a 35-pound fresh turkey. >> uh-huh. >> i was trying to find out if it would be okay to cut the breasts off and the legs and put in a roaster and cook it that way or a 35-pound turkey or in the oven?
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>> a 35-pound turkey will take you eight hours. >> or longer. >> to roast. next time, next time, get three -- get two smaller ones. >> a friend of mine raised it, fresh from a farm. >> she can't. she raised it. cut it up. >> enough is enough. >> she loves the turkey. >> slice it and dice it. what i say. >> debbie, we need to reveal ourselves to you. >> yes. >> i'll kelly ripa. >> and i'm regis. >> no it's kathie lee and hoda, how are you? >> good thank you. >> happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. >> marty so what's the real thing? >> on a 35 or 36-pound turkey, leave it whole but it has to fit into the oven, need a pan large enough. and cook more easily if you separate it into legs and thighs, take the breasts off and cook the pieces separately in a large pan. but you need a really large pan
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because you will have a lot of drippings from a really large turkey. i have a feeling unless you are serving a lot of people, you will need great leftover recipes from our butterball cookbook app. >> look at you, marty, getting that in. am i right in saying if i can, just get two turkeys. >> don't try to be right. >> we do recommend that usually. two 18-pounders. but if someone gave it to you how gracious of you to receive it and it's going to be wonderful. >> should i add chicken broth to the roaster pan to make sure the turkey stays moist? >> you won't need to add liquid to it, that turkey is going to be juicy enough as long as you don't overcook it the meat thermometer, the breast is done at 175 -- i'm sorry, 170, the breast is done, take it out. the thighs 180, when they reach 180, the whole turkey is done. >> okay, you're losing us. >> get a calculator. >> happy thanksgiving to everybody. you have any questions, talk turkey, 1-800-butter ball. >> we did have fun monday -- . at the new york mission on monday night. for thanksgiving.
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the new york city rescue mission every monday right before thanksgiving to do a holiday feast for so many people that are hurting and we dance and sing with the band. hody has been coming with me. and we serve these beautiful people who have so little and have lost so much. >> it was great. >> i want to thank -- different digs this time because we have had a big campaign to raise money for the mission. the oldest mission in all of new york city. i think it was 1870 something. >> sure. >> that's why we are in the new place because they are building three stories on to the one across the street. >> really beautiful this year. >> god bless all those folks there. >> we want to say, one of my favorite people on earth is back with us again. >> something's going on. >> his name is flo rida. let me explain why he's back. he made a promise in the week he was going to bring something with him. let's listen to what he said first. what up, it's your man, flo rida, check me out live only on "today." kick off your holidays with us. by the way, hoda, i got a
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special treat for you. >> a special treat? >> is that a warning or a promise? >> hey! >> flo is here again. >> hi, baby. >> so, what is the special treat? >> bring it out now. >> what is it? >> oh! >> 70 million singles sold worldwide? >> oh, my gosh. >> are you joking? >> thanks to the support of the "today" show. >> wow. >> we are so happy for you. by the way, i think billboard, you are on -- you're number one, i think, on the billboard charts and you're just charting terrifically, 'cause your songs are constantly -- >> so catchy. >> number one top 40 artist of the year. >> of course you are. >> here's to flo rida. >> congratulations to see you. >> happy thanksgiving to you. >> i thought it was an engagement ring. but anyway. >> that's for christmas, right, flo rida? god bless. >> he is the new king of the rancic household. >> proud parents, giuliana and bill tell us about life with little duke and i have a feeling it is just grand.
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we are back now with one of our favorite couples who recently have been blessed with their first child. >> oh, yes. last night, viewers saw giuliana rancic holding her newborn son, edward duke rancic, the first time and the mom and dad used a surrogate to have their first child after julianna underwent a public fight against breast cancer late last year. >> the beaming parents are here to tell us about life with the little bundle named duke. hey, guys, great to see you. >> nice to see you as always. >> how's dukester? >> amazing. amazing. >> it's kind of great. we are loving every second of it. how was it holding him like that? and did the bond happen instantly or -- >> listen, i honestly -- i -- you questioned my abilities as a nurturing mother early on. >> it was 50/50, whether or not she was going to be able to handle this. >> why? >> do you know why? i think 'cause i had gone 37 years without a baby, you know,
2:19 am
just focusing on myself and my husband and my career, that i didn't know how i would react when he was in my arms. and it came so naturally. he is just the cutest little nugget. >> how's being a father, bill? >> spectacular. you know -- >> how has it changed you? >> it puts things in perspective, you know? i think -- i think you stop keeping score about the little things in life and you think, wow, this is what life's about. it turns the volume down on the things that don't matter. >> how do you guys do it? you both have very, very careers. >> and are you bi-city, too, back and forth between chicago and l.a.? >> we have businesses, a restaurant in chicago, we have businesses in chicago, so we do go back and forth. and it's tough. we have really put the brakes on a lot of things the last three months. >> you have to, make choice. >> what life is about, make sacrifices. >> probably some more big changes. >> what's that supposed to mean? >> dunn dunn dunn. >> breaking news. is this an exclusive? >> breaking news. >> well, listen, we have
2:20 am
realized that we are so lucky to have this baby, so blessed. we didn't know if we would have ever him at one point. >> a big question mark there. >> struggled so long with infertility and the breast cancer that wasn't fun. >> but that's been over a year now? >> just over a year. i'm doing great. i'm doing great. so now that we have him to, you know, go off to work or do certain things and leave him, what am i doing? >> why did i think this was fun at one point in life. >> we want to be with the baby. >> no one can raise your kid better than you can. just simple. you got to be there. >> now what about a sibling? i know probably not the first thing on your minds now is that something you guys have thought about? >> it is the first thing on my mind. >> we made a little deal. you can tell them the deal. we negotiate a lot of things in our marriage. >> got to. >> the negotiator here. trump taught you very well. bill said you want another baby, we got to move to chicago first, full time in chicago. >> that's because why? >> family there, roots there.
2:21 am
i think it's a great place to raise kids. l.a. is a very difficult place to raise kids. >> it is, with certain values. >> i'm not from l.a. and bill is from chicago, i'm from the east coast. so l.a. doesn't really feel like home. i really only ever worked in l.a. i don't have a ton of friends and family. >> where did you grow up? >> bethesda, maryland. >> near me in indianapolis and buoy. >> maryland girl. >> see the beautiful videos they look like home movies, you feel like you're peeking in in on your private home movies do you have concerns now that the train has left the station here? >> i think so many people have been with us on this journey and have prayed for us and really, you know, we have taken with -- for us not to show this happy ending i think would have been a real disservice to them. but i think going forward, it's going to be very controlled. he is not going to live that kind of a life. >> it was really important to us to shoot that episode ourselves, essentially. you know, we -- the birth of the baby, we didn't want the network cameras in there.
2:22 am
>> so what we did was we said, listen i know you guys are going to hate us for saying this not going to have our cameras in there we will shoot it ourselves. >> but it would be very -- it's a big option for lots of people. proud of you guys for doing that. >> i was never -- >> we went through all the video and decided what we felt we could show. >> comfortable. >> we have a lot of private footage for ourselves. >> you have to be in control of your own lives. otherwise, your life spins out of control, interestingly enough. >> exactly. >> we are so happy for you two. >> we are happy. >> you look happy, too. >> we are happy. it is good being married to this guy and having a baby with him. seriously. >> everything that you-all have been through has made you so much stronger as a couple. >> it has. >> as i say, god gives you weakness to make you stronger, you know? and those weaknesses that i've had, they have just made us strong and better. >> that's awesome. >> wish you all the best. give duke a big smooch, auntie kathy and auntie hody. sara haynes your webtastic video of the week when we come back. >> back with much, much more, right after this.
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it's time for our webtastics when our very own sara digs up the video you want to share with your things. >> first the stuff girls say and then videos with a similar theme. >> the latest of the genre to go viral, stuff southern women say. check it out. >> oh, god this will be funny. >> hey, y'all. do y'all do acrylics. >> can y'all monogram these? >> hey, how's your mama? >> my mama is driving me crazy >> my daddy's gonna kill me. >> my daddy's gonna kill you. >> some fool stole my buggy at the piggly wiggly. >> they got propane up on sale at the walmart. >> how can i be out of hairspray? >> is my hair too big? >> i'm fixin' to go swimming. >> i'm fix into fry up some okra.
2:28 am
y'all ready for christmas? >> are you ready for christmas? >> are you ready for christmas? >> when i was a cheerleader -- >> when i was debutante -- >> i will have a jack and coke, please. >> i will have a jack and ginger, please. >> i brought white zinfandel. >> oh, my god, i know her. we used to do pageants together. >> darn, i don't have enough casserole dishes. >> you know how to make a cheese ball? >> more taters? >> i'm full as a tick. >> i want to do the entire room in laura ashley. >> i need to order 12 bridesmaids dresses, please. >> this tacky? >> every thought about selling mary kay? >> you ever thought about selling tupperware? >> you ever thought about selling amway? >> we got to go to the hospital. your daddy's done fell out of the deer stand again. >> blake shelton's cute as a button. >> darling. >> sweetie. >> sugar. >> sweetie pie. >> he's a goober. >> that was great. >> october 31st has over 2 million hits. they shot it in l.a. but they are all legitimate southern belles. >> they are? >> love that one, sara. thank you. before you stuff yourself with
2:29 am
all that turkey tomorrow, we will fill you up with some thanksgiving trivia when we play "who knew"? is someone singing? >> and who doesn't want their kids to look great for the holidays? we have some hair styles that are a cut above the rest. >> and find out how to get the best deals on the most popular toys. >> and delicious last-minute desserts that will steal the show. we are counting down to one of the biggest holidays of the year. >> yes, we are. >> i think it's my favorite. so all about being together and loving one another and of course, some food. and a little vino. >> a lot of vino. >> mm-hmm. we will be right back.
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2:31 am
>> we are back with more on this wines-day wednesday. we are ready to play "who knew" with kathie lee across the street at the nbc experience store on turkey day. those who get it right get $100. and to those who don't, they get her wonderful cd.
2:32 am
joining me is elaine griffin, good friend of ours from better homes and gardens magazine. are we ready? >> we are ready. >> kath, take it away. >> first lovely lady from nashville. approximately how many pounds of turkey were consumed on thanksgiving in 2011, 5 million, 264, 522 or 736 million pounds of turkey? >> let's go with, um, which is the 522? c? >> no but you're gonna love this cd all through the holidays. [ laughter ] >> the correct answer here, the big one, 736 million pounds. >> can you believe that? >> yeah. >> that's amazing. >> the national turkey federation, yes, there is one, estimates that 88% of americans eat turkey every year for thanksgiving. that averages out to 2 1/2 pounds per person. >> woof. you're kidding? all right, back across to kath. >> these folks miss you, hoda, from new orleans. >> miss them too. >> which character has appeared as a giant balloon in the macy's
2:33 am
thanksgiving day parade the most times? mickey mouse, kermit the frog, snoopy or ronald mcdonald? >> b. [ buzzer ] >> not kermit the frog. it's snoopy. snoopy has been around forever? >> more than anyone else. in fact, he is top dog. the macy's thanksgiving day parade, which started as a christmas parade to kick off the season in 1924 actually had animals from the central park zoo and no snoopy. the hot air balloons showed up in 1927 and we have seen snoopy 36 times. >> wow. >> great. >> back across to kath. >> from tucson, arizona, which state raises the most turkeys for a thanksgiving, minnesota, arkansas, north carolina or virginia? >> i'm gonna go with virginia. [ buzzer ] >> it is minnesota. minnesota. >> a good day's work. >> a good day for kathy gifford. >> minnesota. what an interesting -- i think
2:34 am
minnesota gives us 45 million turkeys a year, that's a quarter of all the turkeys that are raised every year. >> good info. back across to kath. >> from the party town of austin, texas, which football team has played every thanksgiving since 1934, pittsburgh steelers, detroit lions, green bay packers or dallas cowboys? >> hmm. i'm gonna have to go with the green bay packers on this one. >> you would be wrong. >> oh, my gosh. this is pretty astonishing. everybody has been wrong. the correct answer, detroit lions. >> hard not to say cowboys from the lone star state. it is actually the detroit lions when they moved from ohio to detroit to join the nfl, it was their first thanksgiving game, had one ever since. . wow. good info. back across to cath. >> from bedford, pennsylvania, according to the national retail federation, how many shoppers hit the stores last year? 55 million, 107, 226 or 459 million?
2:35 am
>> oh, c. [ ding ] >> yay! >> there is a sigh of relief from the studio. someone got it right. 226 million. >> she is a power shopper in training. probably one of those people, seven out of ten americans hits the stores, the malls or the internet and they spend about $400 each. >> that right? >> more than her allowance. >> i think we have time for another one. >> lovely kid from north andover, massachusetts. how many days did the first thanksgiving last in 1621, one, two, three or four days? >> one. [ buzzer ] >> no. no. no. >> i don't think he is going to like this cd. give it to your mother or grandmother. >> correct answer, three days. >> three days. aren't you glad you didn't have to do those dishes? >> can you imagine? >> elaine, thank you so much for coming to see us. happy thanksgiving, girl. >> you, too. attention black friday shoppers, we know where you can find the best toy deals. we are going to share all that right after this. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role
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let the madness begin. for many people, the thanksgiving holiday means one thing, kind of sad, black friday deals. >> before you wait in endless lines in the cold or elbow somebody for that last furby, laurie schact, our resident toy guru and copublisher of worked hard to find the best bargains for black friday. >> just for this friday. so let's start with the fact that kids love the tv show "chuggington" love when their train friends come to life. and four different ways to build this play set, i love you when you build it up. it also combines train play with construction play. so really fun. >> look at motor skills. >> wilson's wild ride, great for
2:41 am
motor skills, and a whole lot of fun for the kids. so this one is usually between $49 and $59. it is -- it is on sale, you can get it for $35.99 at or 39.97 at >> jacob got it going on down there. thanks, honey. >> for the girls what do you have? >> our haute couture fashion studio. girls get to become real designers, make beautiful runway fashions. >> would have loved that. when i was little. >> comes with everything, mannequins, fabrics, real working sewing machine. everything that they need it is usually $49.99. it's on sale,, 29.99. >> move on down to our rocker. alyssa and marissa. >> this is the keyboard, electric guitar. >> hit it girls. >> and we have our mic. usually the keyboard and guitar
2:42 am
are usually 29.99., 19.99. the mic is usually 39, it will be 29.99. >> good job, kids. >> that all adds up. >> the roller coaster. michael and amanda. >> 600 kinects pieces to make this, stretches out to about 20 feet long. they are going to have a great time. >> this is cool. >> look how fun this is. >> this is usually 40.99. it will be 19.99 at >> get over here. >> original big wheels are back. >> big wheels are back. >> sara, ella. >> go go. >> there we go. >> the original big wheel and we have sair remarks the adult one. >> a great grow with me toy. >> that was cute. >> adjustable. usually $59.99. and you're going to find this for -- -- 39.99.
2:43 am for 44.99. >> christian and hannah. >> construction great for kids of all ages, they love constructions. parents do, too, great for small motor skills, logic, problem solving. for our littlest ones, we have our megablocks first builder safari, big chunky blocks, great for little hands. put it on the tub, inside when you're done. usually $44.99. it will be $24.99 at kohl's. and for our kids a little bit older, we have our hello kitty, build the set, the post office set, get, in deliver the mail, usually $14.99. toys "r" us will have it for $9.99. >> get it for bobbie thomas. >> lastly. taylor. >> we have taylor. going to need to turn this on, taylor. so, we have our hot wheels. it is our six-lane raceway. >> let's see how it works. >> which color do you want? >> yellow, baby. >> turn it on. >> we are ready.
2:44 am
>> this is usually, $80. $40 at target, just pulled the lever. ready? go ahead. this one. >> middle one? >> go. >> oh, whoa. that is awesome. >> that's fun. >> those were cool. >> thanks so much. >> happy thanksgiving. >> thank you for letting my little ones play. all right, don't show up for thanksgiving empty handed, we have some delicious last-minute desserts. what are you doing? >> sara is one big girl, one big little girl. enjoy the mild weather while it lasts. i'm meteorologist chris warren with your weather channel forecast. good morning to you and happy thanksgiving. this is how the day's going to shape up. quiet for much of the country. there will be a chance for a few showers through the southern plains into the midwest. and then notice here, the northern tier, that system that's been disturbing the
2:45 am
pacific northwest is now going to make its way across the northern plains. and that cool air will come in behind it. you can see the blues indicates you're going to see 30s and 40s minneapolis today 53, boston and new york, warm for thanksgiving here throughout much of the south. and then by friday you're going to see that cold front push farther to the south. chance for some showers ahead of it and behind it could see a little bit of lake effects snow action happening here. then friday after a break in the northwest comes that next system bringing another chance for some showers and even some mountain snow. much much colder air. look at this. instead of some 60s, looking at upper 30s in chicago, upper 20s in minneapolis on friday. so black friday is going to be a cold friday for so many spots. and it's going to cool down even more once that front gets through. it's going to cool down for other locations, including new york and boston, lower 40s. look at the south now. lower 50s in atlanta, pushing 70 just a little bit before that, a
2:46 am
couple days before that. now you're looking at much much cooler temperatures. it's going to feel a lot more like we're knocking on winter's door. sunday there will be some more cool air in place but dry. if you're doing any traveling on sunday getting back home, and we're looking at 30s and 40s for the northeast. another system we're moving across the rockies bringing a chance for some rain and snow with that. and then on monday some showers throughout parts of the mississippi valley and snow behind it. still much of the country on the cool side. remember week days on the weather channel you can wake up with al and stephanie. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of all day pain relief. this season, discover aleve.
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time for today's holiday kitchen and the part of the meal you know you don't have room for but somehow you seem to find it. we are talking dessert. if you just haven't had a minute to think about it don't worry, "new york times" columnist melissa clark has last-minute ideas you can make from scratch or just buy a box. which always works as well.
2:49 am
>> hi, how are you? >> don't buy a pie. you can do this. hoda, even you can do that. >> somebody said to say that. >> so easy. >> hody can do this. i'm fine what are we make, sweetie? >> a cranberry almond cake, see there the first step is make cranberry sauce or buy cranberry sauce you if you have some cans in your house, maybe bought a little bit of extra, use that. >> fresh cranberries. >> cranberries, sugar, the great thing about this. >> that a cup? >> about a cup and a third. >> the great thing about this, use the same cranberry sauce you make for the cake, tuesday on the table, exact same thing. do it all at once. >> got it. >> orange juice. >> a half a cup? >> yeah. >> okay. >> take that off. we have got some orange zest zest to make it zesty. and that's just plain old water. let that bubble about 15 minutes and then at the end of it, it's gonna look just like cranberry sauce. and we have got some done over here. >> got it. >> all made. okay. now, a butter almond cake.
2:50 am
i have got whole, raw almonds, unskinned. use whatever almonds you have in the house. if you have the little blanched ones, no problem. we're going to add sugar and a little bit of salt. so we are done there going to grind them up. the great thing about this do the whole thing in the food processor. >> hoda's cooking. >> you're doing good. let it go. okay. bingo. it's ground. now let's add -- >> a lot of burt. >> come on. dunk. >> it's a butter cake. >> is there a way to use a substitute, i can't believe it's not butter or something? >> no. no. >> sorry i asked. >> don't mess with that. >> not a very nice thanksgiving attitude. >> no you can do whatever you want. >> whatever you want. >> just will taste terrible. >> the thing about this butter is it looks like a lot, this serves a lot of people it is not that much butter, a lot of fat from the almonds, good, healthy fat. >> right. >> let it get creamy. >> yeah. >> now, hoda, add the flour. >> finally, get to do something.
2:51 am
salt in there, too. >> actually, and there's baking powder, which is important. want it to have a little rise. >> all right. start. there we go. that's it. i just made the batter. did you see how quick that was? >> how long do you bake it? >> about an hour. >> first we're going to put it in here. going to do that. >> you put two-thirds in and the cranberry sauce that we just made is the secret ingredient. you can't see it from the top. just dollop on top. >> that is a dollop all right. want more? that a sloppy dollop. >> okay. when you cut that cake it is going to be perfect. >> let's go ahead and taste things. >> bake it at 350, almond on top. >> okey-doke. >> just keep doing this bake this and eat it later. >> that this so good. >> the good thing about this
2:52 am
cake, you can make it from probably stuff you have in your cabinet, almonds, butter. >> delicious. >> that is a souffle cake, a glorified giant brownie. when you get a brownie, really small. if you make it into a cake and cut yourself a big piece, sounds fancy, if you call it chocolate souffle cake. >> i love it. and this last one? . >> apple pear crisps. you can make this ahead, put it in your fridge. when you pull the turkey out pop it in the oven. you serve it warm. >> frank gifford would want this with vanilla ice cream. >> melissa, thank you so much. >> happy thanksgiving. >> have to try this. get in there. up next, adorable holiday hairstyles for your kids. first, this is "today" on nbc. sfx- "sounds of african drum and flute" look who's back. again? it's embarrassing it's embarrassing! we can see you carl. we can totally see you. come on you're better than this...all that prowling around. yeah, you're the king of the jungle. have you thought about going vegan carl? hahaha!!
2:53 am
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2:56 am
ready or not, the holidays are here, which means it's time to turn that family into a picture-perfect photograph, especially the little ones. >> but no outfit is complete without a great hairdo. here with the cutest looks for your kids is cozy freedman, the founder of cozy's cuts for kids and the author of cozy's complete guide to girls hair and cutest cuts and sweetest hairstyles to do at home. >> wow. >> a mouthful. anyway, happy thanksgiving.
2:57 am
>> things you can do at home, these are? >> yes, they are. these hairstyles look complicated but they are actually pretty easy. >> what does chara have going on? >> you can see, look at this way, love. look at this way. so, you can see this is called the simple bow or the present bow. we pulled two pieces back, tied in a bow, just like you're tying your shoe and then you pin it with bobby pins. >> very cute. >> glitter? >> we have glitter hairspray. every girl loves this. >> adorable. >> come down to ms. soledad. >> let her go back to where she was. >> smile. >> there you go, pretty. >> what i love about this hair style, she has short hair and it's hard to come up with creative styles. also very easy. all you do is part it down the center and make two sections on each side. and you twist it toward the
2:58 am
part. i will demonstrate a fake one. then you just twist it toward the part. you pin it. >> perfect. >> elastics and little ryan stones. >> adorable. >> head down to ms. greta. hi, greta. >> greta's here. >> what's greta got going on? >> braids are very, very trendy and very hot and greta has -- >> so cute. >> the head band braid, this is just a french braid done across. and we use little bobby pins with rhinestones to finish it off. >> i love it. beautiful. >> keeps the hair off the face. >> i kind of like sarah's bun. >> what do you think? >> this is awesome. >> how elegant is this? >> very elegant. we made a ponytail, a very simple braid, wrap it around, pin it, you're done. >> simple? >> very simple and it is very elegant. gosh, looks like a ballerina. >> gosh, looks very -- >> you could put it up on the top, depending where you want. >> a chignon. >> look at you showing off. fancy languages. >> this is the most complicated. the heart braid.
2:59 am
>> are you kidding? my signature style from my book and it's every girl's favorite hairstyle. >> this looks tough. >> looks hard it is not as hard as it looks. if you can do a french braid, which you can learn to do the steps are all in the book, instead of doi french braid infrom the front to the back, we startn the back, loop it around. and you do it on both sides. and then you just literally pull it together. >> that is gorgeous. >> spin around so we can see your pretty face, too. >> yes. >> thank you so -- these are great. >> thank you, cozy. >> happy, happy holiday to you. >> because tomorrow the thanksgiving day parade starts, it's gonna be on nbc, so we are gonna take a little break tomorrow. >> we are we are. we will see you and be back friday with ambush makeovers, ideas for leftovers and see you all at "scandalous." >> be there, baby. jeff: soap star all-american heartthrob. dealing with depression. >> that's been my battle. that's what i struggle with being a decent

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